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Christopher Stevens, Pacific Niugini Limited (ASX:PNR)’s insider Sold 151 Shares

Christopher Stevens Insider Sell Christopher Stevens, President of V&C of Pentair Plc is the insider, our team want to tell you for. Mr. Christopher submitted a form with the Washington-based Security and Exchange Commission informing the public of a sale for 151 shares of the -listed Pentair Plc, the one he is an insider in. […]

News Editors : -- 2 October 2015 20:35

Christopher Stevens Insider Sell

Christopher Stevens, President of V&C of Pentair Plc is the insider, our team want to tell you for. Mr. Christopher submitted a form with the Washington-based Security and Exchange Commission informing the public of a sale for 151 shares of the -listed Pentair Plc, the one he is an insider in. At the time of the dealing, the average stock price of Pentair Plc was $53.6, making the sale worth $8,097 US Dollars. Christopher Stevens has rights to roughly 0.01% of Pentair Plc’s market capitalization or 11,448 shares.

Pentair Plc Sentiment and Fundamentals

Twenty two stock analysts who study Pentair Plc’s future predict earnings of $3.85 per share for 2015 and an expected YoY growth rate +8.97%. This would give it a 13.25 Price to Earnings ratio.

Our analysts place SELL rating on the stock based not only because Christopher’s stock trade, but also on our trend-following model as shown below. In the last 200 days, Pentair Plc’s price per share has dived 14.08% and shows a steady bearish downtrend.

PNR Stock Chart

As the famous Paul Singer, a stock market legend, claimed, highest risk-adjusted returns are made through a combination of fundamental & technical analysis.

Institutional Ownership

Information from Q2 2015 SEC 13F filings, show 397 hedge funds and institutional investors own shares of Pentair Plc. In Q2 2015, the firm had 83.60% institutional ownership. That is a very high interest. Its down 0.63% from Q1 2015. These institutional and hedge funds decreased the total shares they own by 954,882 to 150.47 million this quarter. There were 54 funds that created new positions and 128 funds that added to their positions. A total of 53 funds closed their positions in Pentair Plc and 149 reduced their holdings.

As reported by SEC’s 13F filings, the firm is in Top 10 stock portfolios of seven institutional holders. They are: Parnassus Investments Ca, Robecosam Usa Inc., Robecosam Ag, Water Asset Management Llc, Horan Capital Advisors Llc., Seabridge Investment Advisors Llc, Rockefeller Financial Services Inc.

Bollard Group Llc had the greatest investment with ownership of 17,594 shares as of Q2 2015 for 0.09% of the fund’s portfolio. Lafayette Investments Inc. is another positive investment manager possessing 16,713 shares of the company or 0.48% of their stocks portfolio. The stock is also 0.31% of the fund’s AUM. Marshwinds Advisory Co have 0.25% of their stock portfolio invested in the stock for 7,325 shares. In addition, Mountain Pacific Investment Advisers Inc Id revealed it had purchased a stake worth 2.07% of the fund’s stock portfolio in the company. Qci Asset Management Inc Ny was also a big supporter of the public company, with ownership of 50 shares. Pentair Plc is less than 0.01% of the fund’s stock portfolio.

Pacific Niugini Limited ASX:PNR Company Profile

Pacific Niugini Limited is an Australia-based company engaged in the exploration for minerals in Papua New Guinea and Mexico. In Papua New Guinea, the Company has four projects including Bulolo Project, Garaina Project, Gusap Project and Mount Hagen Project. The Bulolo Project covers most parts of the Bulolo Valley, approximately 75 kilometers southwest of Lae. The Garaina Project is located 150 kilometers southeast of the Hidden Valley Mine and Wau Town, in the Morobe province, covering an area of approximately 404 square kilometers. The Gusap Project is located in the Madang Province covering 2,250 square kilometers of prospective ground over the Finisterre Ranges. The Mount Hagen EL1613 is located near Mt Hagen City, in the Western Highlands Province. The Company’s Halls Creek Project consists of the Lamboo Project, located approximately 35 kilometers south west of Halls Creek, and the Golden Crown Project located near Halls Creek in the Kimberley, Region of Western Australia.

Company Website: Pacific Niugini Limited

Pentair Plc was incorporated in Dublin on 2013-11-28. Today its market capitalization is: $9.19 billion and it has 180.94 million outstanding shares. At the moment the company has 92.83% shareholders and the institutional ownership stands at 92.83%. This company has 28400 employees. The stock closed at $51.040001 yesterday and it had average 2 days volume of 433760 shares. It is up from the 30 days average shares volume of 424299. Pentair Plc has a one year low of $49.45 and a 52w high of $69.64. The current price is below the 200 days SMA. Pentair Plc last issued its quarterly earnings data on 07/21/2015. The company reported 0.96 EPS for the quarter, above the consensus estimate of 0.95 by 0.01. The company had a revenue of 1.66 billion for 6/27/2015 and 1.48 billion for 3/28/2015. Therefore, the revenue was 186.20 million up.

* End-of-period holdings include monthly purchase(s) under the Pentair Ltd. Employee Stock Purchase and Bonus Plan (ESPP) in exempt transaction(s) pursuant to Rule 16b-3(c); and shares acquired pursuant to a dividend reinvestment feature of the ESPP.

* Shares surrendered to pay taxes applicable to vesting of restricted stock units.

* End-of-period holdings reflect the vesting of restricted stock units that were previously reported.

* End-of-period holdings include shares acquired under a dividend reinvestment plan in exempt transactions not required to be reported pursuant to Section 16(a).

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