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Martin Fink Unloaded 23069 shares of Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) in an Insider Trade

Martin Fink Insider Sell Martin Fink, EVP - CTO of Hewlett Packard Co is the insider, our team want to write for today. Mr. Martin submitted a document with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission informing the public of a deal for 23,069 shares of the public firm, the one he is an insider in. […]

News Editors : -- 2 October 2015 20:29

Martin Fink Insider Sell

Martin Fink, EVP - CTO of Hewlett Packard Co is the insider, our team want to write for today. Mr. Martin submitted a document with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission informing the public of a deal for 23,069 shares of the public firm, the one he is an insider in. At the time of the legal trading deal, the average stock price of Hewlett Packard Co was $24.6, making the stock block worth $567,696 USD. It seems he is very active lately as in the last 30 days, he silently sold additional 127,598 shares of the company, worth $3,471,689 USD.

Hewlett Packard Co Sentiment and Fundamentals

It is difficult to make conclusions about Hewlett Packard Co’s future just from Martin Fink’s sale because in this filing, the insider also revealed option transactions. In the form, it was reported that Martin exercised options for 21,909 shares with average price 21.3, worth 466,662. Thirty expert security analysts who cover Hewlett Packard Co’s stock are forecasting earnings of $3.62 per share for 2015 giving the computer and electronic product manufacturing’s company a forward Price/Earnings ratio of 7.07. Not only that but, an earnings for each share growth rate year-on-year of 0.57% is expected.

In the last 200 days, Hewlett Packard Co’s price per share has decreased 32.62% and shows a smooth and strong downtrend. Our experts rate the stock as a sell based on our popular time momentum model.

Institutional Ownership

In the last quarter 876 hedge funds owned Hewlett Packard Co. The institutional ownership of the company in the last quarter is extremely high, at 76.21% of the shares outstanding. They decreased by 56.45 million the total shares they hold. As of that quarter these stock owners owned 1.37 billion shares. A total of 76 funds opened new positions in Hewlett Packard Co and 293 increased their holdings. There were 72 funds that closed their positions and 356 that reduced them.

In all 876 of them, 16 hold the stock in Top 10. They are: Dodge & Cox, Pzena Investment Management Llc, Jupiter Asset Management Ltd, Goodhaven Capital Management Llc, Oldfield Partners Llp, Alyeska Investment Group L.P., Cypress Capital Management Llc, Edmp Inc., Lamond Capital Partners Llc, Paradigm Asset Management Co Llc.

Dodge & Cox had the greatest investment with ownership of 173.07 million shares as of Q2 2015 for 4.68% of the fund’s portfolio. Richard S. Pzena’s Pzena Investment Management Llc is another positive institutional investor owning 17.98 million shares of the company or 3.05% of their stocks portfolio. The stock is also 2.19% of the fund’s AUM. The United Kingdom-based fund Jupiter Asset Management Ltd have 3.93% of their stock portfolio invested in the company for 3.57 million shares. Further, Goodhaven Capital Management Llc disclosed it had acquired a stake worth 7.49% of the fund’s stock portfolio in the company. Oldfield Partners Llp was also a notable follower of the firm, owning 6.77 million shares. Hewlett Packard Co is 11.96% of the fund’s stock portfolio.

Hewlett-Packard Company NYSE:HPQ Company Profile

Hewlett-Packard Company is a global provider of products, technologies, software, solutions and services to individual consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors. The Company offers IT industry’s broadest portfolios of products and services that bring infrastructure, software, and services through innovation to enable its customers to create value and solve business problems. The Company designs its solutions to provide foundation, in the areas of security, cloud, mobility and big data, by leveraging the breadth of its offerings and the strengths and capabilities of its individual business units. The Company’s operations are organized into seven business segments: Personal Systems; Printing; the Enterprise Group; Enterprise Services; Software; HP Financial Services, and Corporate Investments.

Company Website: Hewlett-Packard Company

Hewlett Packard Co was founded in Delaware on 1998-02-11. The company has 302000 employees. Now its market capitalization is: $46.05 billion and it has 1.87 billion outstanding shares. At the moment there are 79.24% shareholders and the institutional ownership is 79.24%. The stock closed at $25.610001 yesterday and it had average 2 days volume of 5887597 shares. It is up from the 30 days average shares volume of 4597916. Hewlett Packard Co has a 250 days low of $24.30 and a 250 days high of $41.10. The stock price is below the 200 days Simple moving average. Hewlett Packard Co last issued its quarterly earnings stats on 08/20/2015. The company reported 0.88 EPS for the quarter, above the consensus estimate of 0.85 by 0.03. The company had a revenue of 25.35 billion for 7/31/2015 and 25.45 billion for 4/30/2015. Therefore, the revenue was -104,000,000 down.

Martin Fink is also director of Hortonworks, Inc.

* The sales reported on this Form 4 were effectuated pursuant to a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan adopted by the reporting person on 06/04/15.

* The total reflects a de minimus adjustment of .1340 fractional share that was disposed of for cash when the reporting person transferred shares from one account to another.

* This option became exercisable beginning on this date.

* This option is no longer exercisable beginning on this date.

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